Cleaning and maintaining your garage door

The current garage doors we have today are fully automatic. Most garage door owners may not notice that their garage doors are slowly breaking down or require maintenance unless they operate them manually. Through periodic maintenance, your garage door will operate without any problems. You can use simple home tools to maintain your garage door.
The surface of your garage door is exposed to a lot of elements. Garage doors don’t exactly get the same care and maintenance as the rest of the house during spring cleaning. The following are some great tips to help you care and maintain your garage door.
Periodic cleaning annually
To keep the moving parts of your garage door free from any obstacles, you must clean your garage door at least once annually. Cleaning is a crucial part and garage door maintenance and the cleaning process will depend on the garage door material.garage door wash
Steel Garage Doors
Use a solution of soap and water to clean the outside of your garage door. Take a soft sponge and soak it in the solution, ensure the sponge has a big surface area. Use the sponge to clean off any grime or oil. Take a low-pressure hose spray and rinse off the garage door surface. According to this Seattle house cleaning company, to prevent the surface paint or seals from damage avoid using harsh detergents. Clean all over the garage door including the corners and edges. Cleaning will improve the mechanics of your garage door by eliminating dirt that leads to more friction and pressure on the garage door springs.
If you live close to the sea then cleaning your steel garage door regularly will get rid of the salt that accelerates surface erosion and prevent rusting of steel. The opening and closing mechanism and the appearance of your garage door will remain well preserved.
Wood Garage Doorswooden garage door
It is important to ensure that the wooden garage door is always completely covered by a fresh coat of paint and sealing material. Uncovered wood is absorbent and protecting it with extra layers will prevent damage from cleaning. Start with applying, at least, one coat of primer followed paint. To protect the wood from absorbing and keeping moisture use a sealant. This will allow you to clean your garage door periodically.
Remember to regularly do some maintenance checks and optimizing of the garage door. Hire an expert in case of any problems and keep away from the torsion springs

since they are under heavy tension. Keep the tracks and hinges well lubricated to facilitate opening and closing. Ensure all loose screws, nuts and bolts are inspected by an expert and properly tightened to withstand the extreme tension.

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